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The emotional impact of family with drug addicts
The following story was submitted anonymously on Nov. 10, 2003.
The names have been changed to protect the author's privacy.

There are people in my family who have done drugs and still do drugs. I just wanted to share my story to let people know that when they do drugs not only are they hurting themselves but they are hurting their family and friends as well. Anyways my family isn't what you would call normal. My father smokes pot. My brother was a drug addict. He did every drug in the book. My sister also smoked pot as well. My dad has smoked pot for as long as I can remember. My dad was arrested for smoking pot and I was put in a foster home till my mom could pick me up. I never realized how bad my dad's addiction was until a year ago. My mom and dad got into an argument over money that was owed. Well I found out that my mom sent money like 2-3 times a month (besides child support because of shoes, or school supplies) but the money never went to those things because I remember my dad always taking me to dollar general to get shoes ($5) and we got my school supplies from Open Door. So in a month she sent about 300-400 (excluding child support). Then when I moved back with my dad 2 years ago we would always getting into a fight over him smoking pot. I mean I would bring friends over and the house would stink of just smoked pot. Well one night my dad came home and his eyes were bloodshot (from getting high). I asked him where he had been all day because I had a choir performance I had go to. Then I got emotional because I missed it (I couldn't get ahold of anyone). Anyways he snapped and he ran towards me shoved me down on the bed and proceeded to choke me till I passed out. I woke up and he wasn't there and his weekend bag was gone (he went and stayed with his girlfriend for a week) so being extremely upset I walked the 2 miles to my mom's. Then there is my brother. He is a recovering drug addict. My brother has done heroin, weed, acid, cocaine, crack, crack cocaine, speed, meth, pcp, etc.... There are times in my life when my brother's drug use has hurt me and my family. I remember when my brother made me climb up 2 flights of stairs when I had broken my wrist with my rollerblades on. I screamed for him to help but when he opened the door an saw me he just laughed and said I didn't need any help. Well after making it up the stair with my skates on (I couldn't take them off) I entered the house and he was smoking dope. What was worse was he wouldn't call my mom at work (I didn't know the number) because he said that it wasn't broke, so I had to wait until my mom got home 5 hours later in order to be taken to the hospital. My mom and I were also subject to the emotional abuse from being called names to watching him beg on his hands and knees because he wanted to get crack so bad. My mom was put on Paxil to help her with the pain and stress. And I have been put in counselling. But none of this is worse than the fact that my sister lost custody of her child because of her marijuana use. My 3 year old niece was cut off from our family for a year because of my sister. My sister also had to give up her second daughter for adoption (who was 3 1/2 months premature). My sister ran off with this guy she met at the hospital. She moved to a little town where she started to drink heavily and smoke pot. So now our family has to deal with the pain of never knowing who her 2nd child is. But this isn't as bad as the fact that Mia will never know who we are. I just hope everyone reads this and thinks twice about doing drugs. If this story reaches out to one person then this fulfills it's purpose.

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