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The following story was submitted anonymously on Sep. 11, 2003.
The names have been changed to protect the author's privacy.

When I was 13 years old I went to the mall with my foster parents. The next day was their anniversary so I asked them if they would leave the mall for a few hours so that I could get them a gift without them knowing what it was. They agreed, they told me that I was old enough but I had to meet them right outside the door at a certain time. When it was time for me to go outside to meet them I went out there and waited for a few, it was starting to get dark so I was a little nervous.

Before my foster parents got their a black van pulled up, I didn't really think much I just figured they had a big package. The guy opened the passenger door and grabbed me and forced me in to the van. I automatically started screaming a guy noticed what was going on and ran after the van but it was already to late by the time he got there. The guy drove off and parked somewhere. He forced himself on top of me I told him no and was crying and screaming. He didn't stop though so I kicked the guy and started hitting him, I noticed that he had a knife and a gun in the car but I wasn't really scared that he would kill me. When I started kicking and hitting him he picked up the knife and told me that he would stab me. I continued kicking him and he stabbed me in the arm. I could no longer fight, I just screamed the whole time the guy raped me.

The guy drove to a different area of the mall and threw me out of the car. I laid in the mall parking lot so terrified I was unable to move. A lady was walking up to the mall and saw me and called the police. Minutes later police and an ambulance arrived. They took me to the hospital and ran some tests on me. They tested me for STIs and pregnancy. They also got some of the guys DNA off of my body, so that if they ever found the guy they could prove that he done this to me. After they done the tests on me a female police officer and a few male police officers came in to the hospital room I was in. They asked me questions about what happened and what the person looked like, and left.

Later on when the test results came back, I found out I was pregnant. I knew that I only had three options on what to do. I could have had an abortion, which wasn't fair to the child because it wasn't the child's fault. I could have gave the child up for adoption, but I had been going from one foster home to another since I was five years old, so I didn't think that was fair to the child either. So I decided that I should keep the child, and I did. Around seven and a half months later at age 14, I had a beautiful baby boy.

Unfortunately, they were never able to find the man who did this to me. He could be around doing this to other women. I hope that one day he gets caught, and he pays for all the pain he's put women through. Now I do know there are other things that I could have looked at to help the police catch this horrible man. I could have tried to get most of the license plate number and a few other things. I just wish I would have known at the time, but I'm just thankful that I got away alive.

If you are even in a situation that you are being sexually abused in anyway at all, make sure that the first thing you do is say no. I know that it's kind of common sense to a lot of people, but some people don't say no and that makes it harder for you to win your case if it ever gets took to court. If he doesn't stop when you say no; scream, hit him, kick him, bite him or do whatever you can to give yourself a chance to get away. If the guy is in a vehicle doing this to you and you are able to get away safely, try to get the license plate number and look to see what kind of vehicle it was. That could be very helpful. When you get away from a rapist make sure the first thing you do is call the police! When you call the police, they will take have an ambulance take you to an hospital. At the hospital they will perform a rape kit, to test you for STIs and pregnancy and also to get the guys DNA so you will have proof that it was the guy. After the rape kit is done to you the police officers will ask you some questions about what happened and have you try to describe the guy.

I know most girls that are rape victims want to go home and take a shower and try to forget about it, but by doing that you are allowing the guy to go out and do it to other women. So please make sure you call the police as soon as possible. Make sure you don't take a shower as much as you may want to, but if you don't take a shower they can get the guys DNA, which will be helpful if they catch the guy. Also remember it is never your fault! So don't blame yourself for being raped.

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