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Twelve and Pregnant
The following story was submitted anonymously on Mar. 24, 2006.
The names have been changed to protect the author's privacy.

It was my 12th birthday and my mom invitied her co-worker son over for my party. He was 16 and he was cute. But little did I know that he was going to rape at 12 years old. So after the the party he was waiting for his mother to pick him up. My mom had left to go to work. We were sitting there waiting and he asked where the bathroom was and I said down the hall to the left. It had been 5 mintues and he had not come back yet.So I went to the bathroom door and listened but I didn't hear anything. So I knocked on the door. And all of a sudden he grabbed me from behind and took me into my room. He laid me on the bed, I begged him to stop but he slapped me. So I just lay there and did nothing. It went on for about 10 min and then the doorbell rang and it was his mother coming to get him. So he got up quickly and he buckled his pants and he told me that if I ever told anybody he would hurt me. So I stayed quiet for about 2 weeks when I started to throwup every where and then my mom told me that I would have to go to the doctor to make sure that I was okay. When we got there tmy mom told the doctor that I was throwing up alot. The doctor said that, that was a sign of pregnancy. So my mother asked me if I was having sex and I was so scared to tell her what happened so I said no. The doctor gave me a pregnancy test and it come back positive. So I told my doctor what happened on my birthday. and she told my mom. And my mom told her co-worker that her son raped me and now I'm pregnant. Her son said that he didn't do it and he lied. But his mothe believed him. And 9 months later I  had beautiful twins Kay'asia and Tay'asia(7lbs. 21oz) and now I am happy with them. And their father admitted that he raped me and he is taking care of his two beautiful little girls.

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