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My personal hell
The following story was submitted anonymously on Dec. 23, 2011.
The names have been changed to protect the author's privacy.

It started at a daycare. The boy was my "boyfriend", or as much as a boyfriend you can have in elementary school. The teachers were gone as they usually were after hours. He casually molested me over my clothes.
Afterward I felt weird, because I really didn't know what happened until the school therapists did their Good Touch Bad Touch lecture.
When I was a bit older, I thought about the situation and began to have flashbacks about what had happened. I was sure it would never happen again. But it did.
I was at church one day and a boy named James took me into a back room. He locked the door and told me to kiss him. Unfortunately it was my first kiss. I told him i did not want to kiss him, so he locked the door and stuffed toys in the door crack so that if i screamed no one would hear me. I eventually gave up and let him have what he wanted.
Soon he wanted more. We were alone on a couch one day. I told him to stop taking my phone from me but he didn't listen. I put it on my thigh because I thought he would stop If i did that. He didn't. He put his hand in my pants and went into my underwear and attempted to finger me. I told him to stop but he wouldn't. Then he casually slipped his hand into my shirt under my bra. He did this for about three or four months.
He kept asking me to have sex with him. I kept telling him no but he still tried. We were at a church cook-out and we were the only ones in the basement. He attempted to rape me but someone came downstairs before he could do anything.
After that I never saw him again. My parents later found out about all the abuse through my Facebook page but did nothing.
Later my other friend kept pressuring me to have sex with him and let his friend join. I gave in and said I would do it. When we got to where it was supposed to happen his friend told him to go first. I kept trying to let him in but it hurt so bad (at this point I was no longer a virgin but my hymen wasn't torn). He kept going and eventually popped my cherry. I told him I wanted to stop so he said ok. I thought we were done but he said he came here to f*ck and he was going to.
He told me to get on a concrete bench. I did but I told him I didnt want to do anything. He pulled off my panties and proceeded to enter me. I screamed STOP and NO but he didnt care. He forced me to lay down on the bench. He kept going and he called his friend over to hold my hands because I kept pushing him away. I screamed until I cried. He didn't let me go.
Not long afterward, I went to play a game of Truth or Dare. At first it was innocent until I was forced to take off my pants and underwear. Then I was forced to sit on Shawn's lap. Then he made me let him finger me. I wouldn't let him so his friends pulled my legs apart and let him do what he wanted.

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