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And thats why...
The following story was submitted anonymously on June 29, 2004.
The names have been changed to protect the author's privacy.

Well my name is Adam, obviously Iím male and Iím 14 years old, and I was raped too.
It was like 5 years ago when this happened, I was at school, I went to the bathroom and everything was ok, but then this guy who was like 12 came into the bathroom, locked the door and raped me. Of course he was gay thatís why he did it. I was known at school for being the "cute little kid" so when he found out he did it. But I decided not to tell anyone about that. For years and years I kept the feelings inside of me. Just thinking about it made me feel like sh*t. I was only 7 years old and I lost my virginity. But then like 10 months ago, my dad, who used to beat me all the time for no reason, also raped me. it was the most painful experience i had in my life. And still I decided not to tell anyone because he said he'd kill me if I said anything to anyone. And still no one knows about this, only people online and my best friend knows it. Since that day I feel weird and I hate everything, Iím scared of people and well after that I turned... gay. I think its normal but well thatís my story. There is a lot more about my father though. He is a police officer, and he is the most evil person in the world. One time he was beating me because he found me chatting in a gay chat room, and I made the mistake of fighting back. I hit him in the face and then he pilled out his pistol and shot me in the arm. My mom wasnít home for like two weeks, the mom of one of my friends was taking care of me when that happened. I told her not to say a thing to anyone about what happened. My wound healed and my mom still doesnít know anything about this. So you people out there who can do anything about yourselves if something like this has happened to you, get help, you can do it. Itís worse to live a life hiding the stuff that hurts you.

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