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Model for Working with Feelings
Republished with permission from the Whitman College Peer Listener Handbook
Note: The handbook is an excellent resource, especially when listening in person,
however it does not perfectly mesh with LiveWire's "Peer Answers" philosophy.
Dr.'s D'Andrea and Salovey (1983) created a practical and useful model for dealing directly with the emotions that a client expresses to a Peer Listener. The steps are as follows:
  1. Identify feelings

    • Ask feeling questions

      • How do you feel about that?
      • How does that make you feel?
      • How do you feel?
      • What feelings does it bring up in you?

    • Paraphrase spoken feelings

      • So, you are feeling___, is that right?
      • Sounds like you are really __________.

  2. Define and clarify feelings

    • Elicit feelings that accompany the one that is primarily expressed.
    • Discover the individual's personal experience of a given feeling (what does the person mean when she/he says, "I feel _________?")

  3. Acknowledging the feelings

    • Assist your peer in taking responsibility for her/his feelings.
    • Reinforce your peer for stating his/her feelings in a direct, personal way.

  4. Deal with feelings

    • Relate thoughts to feelings
    • Further express feelings.
    • Help your peer express "repressed" feelings through open ended questions.

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