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Checklist for Peer Listeners
Republished with permission from the Whitman College Peer Listener Handbook
Note: The handbook is an excellent resource, especially when listening in person,
however it does not perfectly mesh with LiveWire's "Peer Answers" philosophy.
A Peer Listener tries to:

1. Be warm, genuine and empathetic.
2. Listen for the meanings behind words.
3. Help peers sort through their concerns.
4. Explore options.
5. Ask open ended and feeling level questions.
6. Be a sounding board for peers.
7. Know when to refer peers.

A Peer Listener tries not to:

1. Give advice.
2. Bandaid a problem with sympathy.
3. Talk about his/herself
4. Encourage dependency.
5. Expect all problems to be solvable.

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