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-- Posted by El Taco at 9:44 am on Dec. 28, 2014

My habit was old enough to have it's own livewire account. Hell, I probably smoked for longer than half of y'all have been alive. Kind of strange how it went. Came down with a wicked sinus infection, couldn't stand the smell or taste of tobacco, and finally stopped trying. I quit trying to smoke five days ago. I left my cigarettes in the other truck, today I'm going to find them and give them away.

It's not like they're the real deal, anyhow. This bullshit you buy now, it's nothing like a pack of real cigarettes was seven years ago. They're not supposed to smell like plastic, and they're not supposed to be adulterated to burn out "safely." Who knows what kind of stupid shit they use in tobacco products anymore?

It is a little sad. I appreciate a good tobacco blend about the same as a good cup of coffee. I read somewhere that I should expect a period of actual mourning, and that I can understand. Still, all I have to do is imagine that smell, think of my sinuses swelling shut, and I know I'm done with it.

How many years have you smoked?

-- Posted by darkhazeleyes at 9:52 am on Dec. 28, 2014

Way to go! I quit almost a year ago but I miss it terribly

-- Posted by El Taco at 9:54 am on Dec. 28, 2014

I think you'll always miss it at least a little bit.

-- Posted by barefoot MUDGE at 10:39 am on Dec. 28, 2014

My dad quit after like 20 years, and that was a little over 20 years ago. He doesn't miss it anymore. Eventually I think you just stop caring as much.

-- Posted by El Taco at 7:39 am on Dec. 29, 2014

Day five. I gave away a whole pack of cigarettes last night.

I said I'd quit before five years, then before ten, then before twenty. Not quite to twenty yet.

-- Posted by Aerin at 7:48 am on Dec. 29, 2014

hey i'm really glad you made this change . . . i don't judge people who smoke, but i do admire you for making a change that'll be good for your health . . . it'll probably end up being good just for your happiness, too, i bet you'll feel better about yourself

-- Posted by El Taco at 7:54 am on Dec. 29, 2014

I quit once for a month, few years back. Circumstances pushed me right back into it.

-- Posted by CrimSin at 8:05 am on Dec. 29, 2014

Hey, good for you man!  Here's to health!

-- Posted by Kaijuu at 8:41 am on Dec. 29, 2014

I smoked for two years. can't stand it now. I miss enjoying it though.

-- Posted by Kalel at 8:43 am on Dec. 29, 2014

Never smoked

-- Posted by Shoot the bitch at 9:57 am on Dec. 29, 2014

why dont you just do rollies if you want a more authentic experience

i quit at the beginning of last week.  pretty sure ill be going back to it this week

-- Posted by Shoot the bitch at 9:57 am on Dec. 29, 2014

also, theres the chance that they made them healthy and arent able to advertise them as so

-- Posted by HungWang at 10:08 am on Dec. 29, 2014

why not smoke weed?

-- Posted by bosss at 7:14 am on Dec. 30, 2014

awesomeee!!!! keep it up homie.

-- Posted by El Taco at 7:48 am on Dec. 30, 2014

I rolled my own for about a year after the FSC requirement was implemented. Went from Red Kap pipe tobacco to Drum after mail order tobacco was shut down, and would smoke Bugler when there was nothing else around. I used a machine and filter tubes for the most part, but for the last three or four months I was hand rolling. Then I quit. A month later I went back to the ready rolls, and proceeded to smoke four more years.

I gave three short of a full pack of Marlboro reds away the other night. Six or seven days now? It's been a week, anyway.

-- Posted by iamironman at 6:14 pm on Dec. 30, 2014

I smoked for about four years before I got on the vape train, which I've been using for about 15 months.

-- Posted by El Taco at 10:58 pm on Dec. 30, 2014

I considered that briefly, but there was gum in the medicine cabinet which I didn't think twice about.

-- Posted by El Taco at 9:32 am on Jan. 3, 2015

Still not smoking.

-- Posted by El Taco at 7:52 am on Jan. 5, 2015

Fun weekend and still not smoking, although I still think about it all the time. Getting my sense of smell back, still coughing up tobacco flavored stuff...

But still not smoking.

-- Posted by El Taco at 3:34 pm on Jan. 8, 2015

Still not smoking. Probably saved at least forty dollars so far.

-- Posted by feeltheshane at 10:57 pm on Jan. 8, 2015

Well done. I've gone through periods where I've smoked mainly to relieve stress but never really become addicted. They're so heavily taxed that the price doesn't match the stress relief either.

-- Posted by El Taco at 7:51 am on Jan. 9, 2015

I never understood how some people could do that. Had an ex who was that way.

I keep thinking it would be nice to have one from time to time, but then it wouldn't be two weeks since the last, it'd be two hours.

This would be the first time I made a clean break. Last time I quit with the gum. I think if I were to have one, I'd smoke for five more years.

-- Posted by kidd rune at 2:54 am on Jan. 11, 2015

love tobacco. i roll my own or smoke out of a pipe. it's great!

-- Posted by El Taco at 7:05 am on Jan. 11, 2015

Oh, so do I. However, another weekend goes by, and I'm still like "Oh yeah, I don't smoke anymore."

I can't recite the number of days, hours, and minutes it's been since the last time, so I must be doing pretty good.

-- Posted by OverTheAir at 10:26 am on Jan. 11, 2015

Good for you dude! That's awesome. Only positives come from quitting. No more of that terrible smell that is probably infused in your clothing, house, trucks, etc. You save money, plus all the health benefits. I've smoked maybe five cigarettes in my lifetime and I regret each one. It was only when I was hammered and I was like "oh yeah smoking would be a really good idea right now!" I would almost immediately feel sick to my stomach and the next morning my throat would hurt sooo much.

My mom smoked from age 13 to about 30ish. She now has some emphysema because of it. Sucks.

-- Posted by Coey at 1:55 pm on Jan. 12, 2015

I've never gotten addicted to smoking, but I give you major props in trying to quit though. :)

-- Posted by El Taco at 7:06 pm on Jan. 13, 2015

All day on the ski hill and still not smoking.

-- Posted by El Taco at 7:01 am on Jan. 15, 2015

Third day at the hill and still not smoking.

Honestly, I completely lost track of how long its been. I think this is a good thing.

-- Posted by iamironman at 5:21 pm on Jan. 15, 2015

Hell yeah! Keep it up!

-- Posted by El Taco at 6:17 pm on Jan. 15, 2015

So strange, living in a world without tobacco products.

I wanted a cigarette today, but it was more like a passing thought, and I was like, oh yeah.

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