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Topic German woman, lured by faked cries for help, raped by 5 'African' men
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Original Post
Friendship is Magic Posted at 11:47 am on Jan. 9, 2017
A German nurse was leaving work getting into her car, when she heard cries for help coming from the nearby park, only to be greeted by 5 'African' men. She was beaten unconscious and sexually assaulted by these subhumans. When she awoke, she found her clothes were tattered or ripped from her body. She was unconscious for so long, she had developed hypothermia.

Police, in an obvious attempt to dampen any anti-migrant sentiments, quickly said that there was "no evidence" that they were recent migrants. Police did have to admit that the attackers did not speak German leading up to and during the vicious assault

Sad that Europeans are accepting this behavior by foreign invaders as "the new normal"!

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