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Forum Guidelines and Important Threads
Please read before posting
Replies: 4Last Post Mar. 23, 2012 12:17am by debbiety
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( Periwinkle  )

Traffic lights/colourblind

Important threads  

Please refer to these threads for information:

Forum guidelines  

1. This forum is a support forum, not an extension of DTRM. For that reason, please do not post these topics here:

  • 'Goodnight LW' or 'Good morning LW' topics, or similar ones. DTRM, please, if you must post them at all.  
  • 'I'm really tired' topics, unless you are seeking help with getting to sleep.
  • Sex topics. Just because it happens in a bed doesn't mean it belongs in dreams and sleep. Of course, if your problem is specifically related to sleep, then please go ahead and post here.  
  • Totally irrelevant topics. Most intelligent people would be surprised at the amount of topics in this forum that have nothing to do with dreams or sleep. Please remember to look at the other forums before deciding to place your topic here.

These are the kind of topics that are welcomed in this forum:
  • Topics about or asking for help with sleeping problems and disorders
  • Dream interpretation and discussion topics
  • Other topics asking for support with or discussing sleep- and dream-related issues

2. Please check the other topics in the forum before posting. There are frequently similar topics, as well as topics that are already covered in the stickies.  

3. Remember, this is a support forum. Please try to be constructive and to offer advice to members seeking help with their problems.  

4. In dream interpretation topics, please don't just post 'it means nothing' or something similar, unless you're willing to add something to that. If the OP is specifically asking for interpretations or mentions that they don't want people telling them it means nothing, then don't post that.  

5. Likewise, don't make up an interpretation of a dream without some kind of reasoning. 'Dreaming about eggs means you want sex' is not good enough: 'dreaming about eggs means you want sex because this evidence and that evidence and this link' is fabulous.  

If you have any other guidelines or topics you think should be added to these lists, please message me.  

Enjoy the forum!  

Post edited at 5:22 am on Aug. 9, 2009 by Periwinkle

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11:41 am on Nov. 15, 2008 | Joined: Sep. 2006 | Days Active: 1,366
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I love how you put at the end. hahaha irony!

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1:15 am on Nov. 16, 2008 | Joined: July 2008 | Days Active: 815
Join to learn more about solitude Spain | Female | Posts: 12,597 | Points: 22,485

ya thtas cool

9:10 am on Dec. 12, 2008 | Joined: Nov. 2008 | Days Active: 44
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12:11 pm on Feb. 17, 2009 | Joined: Nov. 2008 | Days Active: 109
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My dear friend ,too long !!!!

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12:17 am on Mar. 23, 2012 | Joined: Mar. 2012 | Days Active: 26
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