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Race Forum guidelines
Replies: 0Last Post Aug. 20, 2009 10:53pm by Derpfish
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( Derpfish  )



Statement of the forum's purpose: This forum is designed to discuss issues relating to race, ethnicity, and nationality in our society. Members are encouraged to immerse themselves in discussion about the implications it has in different cultures, as well as it's role in the worlds events. This is meant to be a forum that encourages critical thinking, debate, and intellectual discussion. Remember to support your ideas with hard fact and sources.

Objectivity:  The moderation of this forum will strive to be as objective as possible.  It will strive to encompass all viewpoints to promote hearty debate and discussion.  It will not, however allow those viewpoints to be portrayed in a disrespectful manner.

 Derogatory Words

Derogatory slurs (including but not limited to nigger, spic, honky, chink) are not to be used when referring to an individual or a race.* They may be used when discussing the word itself or relating a story about when somebody else used the word.

* This doesn't include the word "negro", which has a very specific scientific application behind it and, as such, is not necessarily derogatory.

Racial Humor

All topics regarding racially related jokes should be redirected to the humor forum (including but not limited to topics quoting snippets of Encyclopedia Dramatica, fried chicken, and watermelon jokes)  

Racism Itself

Racism, that is the belief that one race is superior to another, is not necessarily prohibited . (We are not the thought police.) While one may hold and express these beliefs, we do not permit anyone to denigrate individuals in the community on the basis of those beliefs. Any derogatory remarks about somebody's race are unacceptable and will be dealt with accordingly.  

Personal Vendettas

The nature of this forum is such that personal vendettas often arise.  Allowing personal rivalries or hatred to derail legitimate topics will not be tolerated.  Posts which attack a poster apart from the content of the topic will be removed in accordance with LiveWire guidelines pertaining to non-contribution

Post edited at 11:15 pm on Aug. 20, 2009 by Derpfish

I was right

10:53 pm on Aug. 20, 2009 | Joined: July 2005 | Days Active: 3,364
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  LiveWire / Teen Forums / Race, Ethnicity & Nationality / Viewing Topic