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Teen Sexuality Guidelines.
Replies: 0Last Post Mar. 21, 2010 3:21pm by The Professional
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( The Professional  )


Teen Sexuality is considered a support forum. This means that topics which are supportive in nature, or are discussing a serious issue, will have their replies looked at as if the orignal poster wanted serious replies. Spammy or non-contributive replies that do not provide support or otherwise provide serious answers to the OP will be removed. This brings this forum in line with other support forums.

This respects the fact that topics that are sexual in nature, but not necessarily serious or require supportive answers, should be moderated differently. For these topics such stringent moderation is not necessary and sarcastic or jokey replies are acceptable.

If you have any questions or any issues with this, please don't hesitate to message myself or any other moderator.

Post edited at 2:46 pm on Oct. 12, 2011 by polio

3:21 pm on Mar. 21, 2010 | Joined: Mar. 2007 | Days Active: 2,600
Join to learn more about The Professional Tennessee, United States | GLBT Ally Male | Posts: 23,719 | Points: 84,607
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