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Alternatives to Photoshop
A collection of free programs and websites for photo editing
Replies: 7Last Post Oct. 30, 2014 7:08pm by Vault
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( dreamweaver  )

[UPDATED: Tried to update this a little bit to take out old links to useless sites as well as add a couple of new ones.]

In this day and age, there are lot of photo editing programs online! Never feel like you HAVE to buy a decent photo editor just to fix that little blemish in your photos. However, if you're wanting to do more than simple fixes here and there and take it to the next level such as professional photography, there are what they call "industry standards" which include Photoshop and Lightroom.

But for those quick fixes or to simply have fun...

For Windows and Mac OS. I have heard it's rather similar to Photoshop, but a little buggy (of course I heard this awhile ago and it has had several updates since then which could mean it has gotten better).  

Paint. net
According to it's website, it was engineered by undergraduates with help from Microsoft and was intended to replace MSPaint. Looks rather appealing and is still being updated regularly. With this one, you can use plugins, like Photoshop which is rather cool in my opinion.  

VCW VicMan's Photo Editor
Originally the Pro version was sold and the freeware version was only for enticement, but until recently, the pro version is also free to download. Has special effects, can draw on them, fix your photos, and more. Doesn't appear it has been updated much since 2007 though.  

Picasa 3
Google's own photo editing software. Here you can edit, organize, and even upload it to the internet. As a huge plus (in my opinion anyway), they do provide a tutorial system if you are new to it or to any photo editing software.

You might even be able to find some online that you don't have to download. In order to use this, I would HIGHLY suggest you have decent internet (no dialup- it would be too painful to wait for it and it might even crash);

Gif Works
I've used this once or twice. Not too bad. But this was awhile ago when I used it. Great for creating gif images (moving images). Very basic.
No longer available.

Sumo Paint 1.0
Set up much like Adobe Photoshop, this online program is rather simple and easy to use. Has all your basics such as layers, swatches, shaping, color changing tools, and such. If you're interested in trying to understand Photoshop, or simply just wanting to edit an image on the go, this one would be perfect for you.
No longer available.

Pretty cool, online photo editor. Everything is right there for you. It's pretty basic format and does include a simple tutorial on where everything is and how to use their tools.

There's a bunch that is also available for your smartphone. Here's a couple I have used;

Pixlr (iOS) (Android)
Very simple to use. Take a pic with your phone and open this bad boy up and start editing! Includes tons of filters, frames and even text options. After you're done editing, you have the ability to upload to your favorite social networking site.

-------- --------- --------- ---------- -------- ---------

If you have a suggestion or have heard of one that you think would be good to add to this... I would love to hear about it. All you have to do is send me a message. These are only a few of what's out there!

Post edited at 8:03 pm on Dec. 16, 2013 by dreamweaver

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Pixlr seems pretty well featured for a web app.  
Takes on the same sort of layout as Photoshop.
Nice list, too!

Post edited at 9:00 am on June 26, 2009 by Darkane

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Wow thanks

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i r sekz

OT is better.

But photoshop is free..

Design By Humans

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get lost

Aviary is a good possible photo-editor. It has multiple sections.

12:31 am on July 29, 2009 | Joined: July 2007 | Days Active: 1,085
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Does someone know which ones of these can convert between color modes?? I dont have a copy of photoshop anymore and I need to send something off to print but the file has to be in the cmyk color mode apparently for the printers (print24)

11:05 am on July 11, 2013 | Joined: June 2013 | Days Active: 4
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I'm in a glass case of emotion

photofilre is a great one

I don't have time for your positive bullshit

6:27 am on July 29, 2014 | Joined: July 2009 | Days Active: 1,429
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Some I've used;

Black Ink
Manga/Anime Studio
Corel Painter
Graphics Gale

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