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Posting multiple topics
please be considerate
Replies: 0Last Post April 18, 2005 7:44pm by penguincube
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( penguincube  )

fire, walk with me


So that everyone's jokes have a chance to be read, please be considerate when posting a large number of posts.  There is nothing wrong with creating one or two topics titled "Several jokes" with them all in there, instead of creating five or ten new topics in the forum. This is especially true if your jokes have a common theme.

Massive amounts of threads are subject to topic  trashing.

Thanks for your cooperation,
LiveWire Mod staff

Post edited at 5:05 pm on April 11, 2009 by CrimSin

7:44 pm on April 18, 2005 | Joined: May 2003 | Days Active: 1,859
Join to learn more about penguincube Florida, United States | Posts: 17,974 | Points: 40,892
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