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Alcohol & Substance Support Forum Guidelines
Read before posting.
Replies: 0Last Post Dec. 22, 2008 12:03pm by greatescape
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Web Resources: Drug Myths Dispelled, Drug & Alcohol Information
USA Drug Abuse Hotline: 1-800-662-4357
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&& we'll all float on okay


The Alcohol & Substance Abuse forum is intended to provide support for those with drug and alcohol addiction problems, and those who have friends and family with similar problems.  

For legal reasons, the following is NOT permitted in the drug forum:

  • Topics advocating ANY illicit drug use (prescription or otherwise) or suggesting that members misuse a substance in order to get high.  
  • Topics requesting dosages for illicit drug use. We are not health professionals, and we do not have the right to give out this type of advice (this stands for illegal drugs as well as over-the counter & prescription drugs)  
  • Topics recommending new and creative uses of drugs, or asking for directions as to how to make a drug.  
  • Topics requesting info to facilitate access to drugs (i.e. How much will I have to pay? Where can I go to get it? How much should I take my first time?)

NOTE: Any content that is deemed to not relate to the supportive nature of this forum may be deleted at the discretion of LiveWire Staff.  

So, what kind of posts are allowed in this forum?  

Factual and informative information about certain drugs can be provided in order to support members and sate curiosities. However "crossing the line" is defined as giving information on HOW to take a drug or HOW MUCH of a drug to take. Any post that contains such information, or that endorses the use of illegal drugs WILL BE DELETED.

Clarification on Images
*No images depicting illicit drug use by any person will be allowed.
*No images of illicit drugs that serve no purpose except to demonstrate or boast about the member's use or possession will be allowed

I would be happy to answer any questions pertaining to this policy. My inbox is always open.

Post edited at 7:10 pm on July 15, 2012 by greatescape

"We're all Heliogabalus, Bill"

12:03 pm on Dec. 22, 2008 | Joined: July 2007 | Days Active: 1,606
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