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Elite K-8 school teaches white kids that they're born racist
Replies: 16Last Post Jan. 14 7:27pm by solitaire
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Jim Raynor

Terran Fuckface

Quote: from solitaire at 11:25 pm on Nov. 18, 2016

White supremacy,,,oh hip hip hooray. Don't you mofo's get tired of opressing people and being on the top?

These crackers cant oppress anyone from their basements. They're too busy jacking it to interracial.

Also Im curious as to what caused FA to suddenly turn into a white supremacist whore. She used to be marginally nicer.

Remember kids, don't support nazis or ex-gay posers.

4:15 pm on Dec. 26, 2016 | Joined: Sep. 2008 | Days Active: 650
Join to learn more about Jim Raynor Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada | Straight Male | Posts: 33,574 | Points: 36,809
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Omnipotent One
Trump's election must have opened the doors for closeted racists.

7:27 pm on Jan. 14, 2017 | Joined: June 2006 | Days Active: 1,153
Join to learn more about solitaire New York, United States | Label Free Female | Posts: 3,739 | Points: 18,080
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  LiveWire / Teen Forums / Race, Ethnicity & Nationality / Viewing Topic