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What's Going On With Me?
Replies: 3Last Post Dec. 18, 2016 7:38am by MorningStar
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Web Resources: Teen Pregnancy Facts, Abortion Facts
USA Youth Crisis Hotline: 1-800-448-4663
Web Resources: Drug Myths Dispelled, Drug & Alcohol Information
USA Drug Abuse Hotline: 1-800-662-4357
( Anonymous )

My last period was Nov 8-15.
I had sex on Nov 28. My periods are irregular. I have ovia fertility app on my phone. It says my period should have come on November 11. No period, yet.
I have cramps like a period.
I feel bloated.
And recently, I'm feeling flutters or spasms in my lower stomach.
My boobs are a little sore.
I'm a little moody too.
Do you think it's just my period getting ready to come? Or possible pregnancy?

2:20 pm on Dec. 16, 2016
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Do a pregnancy test just in case.

Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery and today is a gift!
That's why we call it PRESENT.

2:48 pm on Dec. 16, 2016 | Joined: July 2006 | Days Active: 2,976
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Quote: from KathyN at 2:48 pm on Dec. 16, 2016

Do a pregnancy test just in case.

Yes this. Don't wait for a surprise.

9:54 am on Dec. 17, 2016 | Joined: Mar. 2005 | Days Active: 1,057
Join to learn more about GhostX Texas, United States | Straight Male | Posts: 3,990 | Points: 13,827


I'm sorry, I'm sorry, but...did you just say that you had a fertility app on your phone?  That's...somehow fucking awesome!  All I have is the ability to control my temperature slightly...and it's not even on a phone.

Furthermore, why not put it on a phone?  I'm sure that there already is such an app because there's an app for everything.  My God, that would be teledildonics (an actual thing) at a basic level.  Christ, I can't believe that's a real word.

Once, I went off looking for nitrous oxide and I ended up driving to a sex store where they sold the nitrous oxide.  The first thing I noticed was the two pretty girls with bunny ears, who were very sociable and obviously high on meth - it takes one to know one.  The next thing I noticed was the fact that were dildos EVERYWHERE.  Literally, on each wall, dozens of dildos where on display.

Everywhere I looked there were dildos.  Eventually I found something that was not a dildo, it was an aisle of BDSM apparel.  I quickly went to the drug accessories counter and got what I wanted and left.  I wasn't traumatized; I thought it was funny that you could fit that many dildos in one store.  I should have gotten one for my cousin out over here.  I wonder if she has a fertility app on HER phone?

The prettiest little liar there ever could be.
Heads up, BFFs!  
It's open season on liars and I'm hunting!
- A

7:38 am on Dec. 18, 2016 | Joined: Oct. 2003 | Days Active: 791
Join to learn more about MorningStar New Mexico, United States | Straight Male | Posts: 18,996 | Points: 13,519
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