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what is your over protective/controlling parents story?
Replies: 5Last Post Dec. 24, 2016 5:41am by WhyamIhere2016
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( KatieMeyers  )

the craziest for me is,
1...not being allowed to watch drake and josh until i was 13. not being able to go in the front yard without adult supervision until i was 15, and ill be 18 in a month and i STILL have to let my parents know if im going outside. school, i called my mom telling her im staying after to work on english. school gets out at 3:00, and its about 4:00 and i see her come in the library looking pissed off. we get in the car, she yells at me for not being with the english teacher..saying she went to her classroom looking for me and nobody was there, and comes into the library and finds me 'flirting with some guy'
which, in reality, i was with a guy friend of mine helping him with science and he was helping me with english.
3...i was watching made of honor with patrick dempsey and my mom walks in on the part where the girls cousin was trying to make a move on dempseys character, n she was wearing lingerie n trying tonhave sex with him n my moms like CLOSE UR EYES WHILE I SKIP THROUGH! U CANT BE SEEING THIS!
i was 17. just now allowed to walk around the store in different areas then my mom, if, and ONLY IF i have my phone on me, god forbid its dead or on silent a d she tries to call me, then all hell breaks loose
5...when my mom found out i got dared by my friend L to kiss my friend D (both girls) at a sleepover, im not allowed to have either of them over or go to their houses.

there are MANY more stories,but im too lazy to write them lol

call me kristofer,or kris. thank u! im from idaho, u.s wont show up

5:09 pm on Aug. 14, 2016 | Joined: Aug. 2016 | Days Active: 18
Join to learn more about KatieMeyers Alberta, Canada | Transgendered Male | Posts: 262 | Points: 450
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Mz diamond

So how old r u now? Like 18?

5:36 pm on Aug. 14, 2016 | Joined: Feb. 2016 | Days Active: 33
Join to learn more about Mz diamond | Posts: 184 | Points: 513
( KatieMeyers  )

yup...well in  1 month ill be 18

call me kristofer,or kris. thank u! im from idaho, u.s wont show up

5:42 pm on Aug. 14, 2016 | Joined: Aug. 2016 | Days Active: 18
Join to learn more about KatieMeyers Alberta, Canada | Transgendered Male | Posts: 262 | Points: 450

I'm 20 and I'm still treated like this whenever I come home for break. This entire summer I've only been outside for summer school and twice to hang out with friends for an hour that is literally all. In high school I was LITERALLY only allowed to go to school and back home that's it. I couldn't go to any tutorials if my teacher is a man because he will try to "touch" me. I couldn't join any clubs that required meetings after school because college doesn't need them. I had to text everyday that I got to school and when I came back even though my mother picked me up. I got screamed at and shit thrown at me when I forgot. Once my parents took me to open my own banking account and the man gave me his hand for a hand shake and when I went home my dad went ballistic at me for touching that man. Was I suppose to refuse a handshake? He put it out first? Once my mom saw a special needs boy I tutored hug me and she went crazy about how shameful I am and how do I think having boys touch me is ok. I was told everyday growing up that because I am an immigrant people will target me and try to attack, rape, or abduct me so I can't go anywhere. The summers in high school I went weeks without stepping foot outside. I couldn't even check the mail, get groceries form the car or throw trash. Again I'm 20 and I still get this. Because I am an unwedded female I have to be "chaperone". Even if I manage to get permission I get voicemails from my parents threatening me to come home because the sun is setting it's getting dark at 5pm. They didn't let my sister walk at her college graduation because she asked to have a grad dinner with her friends and needed to be punished. I can't wear shorts, tights, tanks, my shirts have to be long, I can't have my hair down or flip flops because it's too much attention on myself. I'm still supposed to watch only pg13. I literally haven't been anywhere by myself before I left for college. Any violations of these rules my mom would beat me it wasn't until I started attacking her back harder that she stopped. Now she's too scared to hit me. Home is shit once I'm done with school my ass is gone. Only 1 month katie just hold on I know how you feel.


4:38 pm on Aug. 15, 2016 | Joined: Nov. 2012 | Days Active: 410
Join to learn more about Zara Texas, United States | Straight Female | Posts: 2,640 | Points: 8,521
mal3diction amoureux

Hope Exquisite Lies Parliament

I have never been grounded, but I did get hit, a lot. My father emotionally abused us kids, while he physically beat her when he was drunk. My mom finally kicked him out when I was 8 but the damage was done with her. She would get frustrated and hit me. I believe in popping a child on the butt when they have been naughty, but it shouldn't be continued if it's ineffective and when they've hit a certain age. My mom would get angry at me for the littelst things and slap me. Sometimes with her hand, sometimes with a plastic spatula, and a few times even with a belt (all across the face) she took her feelings out on me, and I in turn, became a very cocky and mouthy child because it was my only way of expressing my own anger and resentments. One of the examples of when i'd get hit, is if say, I would drop a spoon on the floor, she'd act like the fucking world ended.and i'd get slapped. Well, my mom is a very tall woman (6'0 to 6'1'') and so am I. I was always tall, but I had my last growth spurt at 13 and that's when I hit almost 6 foot and we were eye to eye. One day she slapped me just because she was mad that my dad didn't pay child support and I hit her back, as hard as I could, and gave her a bloody nose. I told her if she ever hit me again, I would break it next time, and that ended her hitting me. Am I proud for hitting my mother? No. I am a non-violent person, but it wasn't going to stop unless I did something about it. My mother had some back problems from shit that my dad to her, so she couldn't work, and I haven't seen my father since I was 13 and will be 11 years this October since we last saw each other. He made very good money and was court ordered to pay her child support, but he'd go months without paying it. So it was up to me at 16 to work or we'd be homeless and starving, so I got a full time job as a CNA at a nursing home and since I was head of household, I stopped asking my mom permission to do things, and she never questioned it. I would always tell her where I was going, but I didn't ask her if I could go out, but I was also a very mature kid (was told at 8 that I was eight years old going on thirty) and my mom was sick alot and I started staying home alone with my handicapped brother for a few days at a time at thirteen while she was out of town in the hospital. My situation was different because I had alot of responsiblity thrust upon me at a young age and I handled it with maturity and grace.

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5:57 pm on Aug. 15, 2016 | Joined: Jan. 2010 | Days Active: 1,012
Join to learn more about mal3diction amoureux South Dakota, United States | Label Free Female | Posts: 14,588 | Points: 36,367

Wow. I'm sorry for you guys. That's all way over the top. My parents, it's just my mom now, dad died in March, were always what I guess you would consider normal. We (my sister and I) had some rules, and some guidelines of course, but nothing excessive. I'm 19 now, in college, and on my own and mom treats me that way. Even when I come home on breaks. My sister is 17 and still at home and has some rules, but nothing she thinks is excessive or over the top like you guys have described.

Real men pray. Real men cry. Real men love Jesus.

5:41 am on Dec. 24, 2016 | Joined: July 2016 | Days Active: 56
Join to learn more about WhyamIhere2016 Texas, United States | Straight Male | Posts: 93 | Points: 655
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