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PollyPocket said in What color shou...

I'm getting my regular cast on Tuesday (finally it seems, even though it'll only have been a week since surgery, but I've had issues with my surgical cast... View Post

Today at 4:22am
GhostX said in The most dogmatic religion in the world

What if I told you that there is a global religion that every one of us has no choice but to believe in? Even if you're Jewish, Christian, Catholic, Musli... View Post

Jan. 21 11:39pm
TerminallyInsane1984 said in Social Disease

I drive my family like crazy cause I can't shut the fuck up now I have a disease of being social. I am a extrovert and I wish I was a introvert. To you al... View Post

Jan. 21 5:12pm
graduate23 said in Love

There is a girl who I love very much. She thinks she made a mistake but I blame myself for not giving her enough attention. I just want to say baby I love... View Post

Jan. 21 2:38pm
KatiesTITS said in I forgot

about this website.... View Post

Jan. 21 12:03pm
GhostX said in So... Russian hacking

I'm just curious about what you all think about how the main stream media is claiming that "Russia hacked the elections". Do you believe it? What's it s... View Post

Jan. 21 10:46am
Friendship is Magic said in STUDY: Political ideology predicts involvem...

who would have guessed that the liberals, who are anti-police, and anarchistic, would have higher association with crime? :biggrin: study shows positive... View Post

Jan. 21 9:13am
Friendship is Magic said in This is your week in review!

From Germany, a poor 80 year old woman was attacked for simply glancing over at a dark skinned man, when he snapped and beat her for no reason From the... View Post

Jan. 21 8:52am
lizzieisonfire said in He said he needs to take a step back

I felt really overwhelmed when a man of 3 weeks claimed he wanted to be exclusive with me and invited me over to his place as a first date. He said he was... View Post

Jan. 21 6:29am
Anonymous said in Sad over classmate's death.

So I found out a high school classmate I just started talking to again, died. He died yesterday on his 25th birthday. I wished him a happy birthday but he... View Post

Jan. 20 7:53pm
Friendship is Magic said in Trump officially inaugurated as the 45th pr...

[image] and within minutes of his presidency, he was busy making America great again by ordering federal agencies to ease the financ... View Post

Jan. 20 5:40pm
Marshellette said in Which gift card should I choose, I won a $5...

So I won a free $5 gift card. Which company should I spend it at? View Post

Jan. 20 10:27am
TricHill said in so basically all the happy people id say

have moved on from here and only the really bitter and depressed ones stayed i hate the world and i hope everyone dies the end View Post

Jan. 19 3:36pm
solitaire said in What's more depressing

What's more depressing? A-living at home with parents B-not having a gf/bf C-being chubby D-working a job that is ok but not your passion E- no... View Post

Jan. 19 1:50pm
mynameisalexaaaaaaa said in I'm the world's biggest ho and I know it.

Yeah, and I know it. View Post

Jan. 19 12:53pm
solitaire said in Apt move in-first time jitters

Although, I found an apt that is decent and the roommate seems nice, I feel guilty for leaving my elderly parents. And what if I get homesick, the distanc... View Post

Jan. 19 7:19am
Anonymous said in How bad is this

You're best friend You both kinda like each other You both get drunkk and somewhere you tell her you want to get naughty She rejects you You s... View Post

Jan. 19 6:32am
Friendship is Magic said in Pewdiepie is redpilled, says "death to all...

Popular Youtuber, Pewdiepie has been causing much controversy over the past few weeks, using the term "nigger" in one of his videos and paying people to m... View Post

Jan. 18 6:42pm
Marshellette said in How to stop hating yourself and wishing you...

I have dry eye syndrome, poor vision, wear nerdy glasses, am clumsy and can't find a good job, only random cleaning jobs despite having a college degree.... View Post

Jan. 18 5:57pm
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