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my friend is 16 and took 10 paracetalol at a time what is the danger? how likely to die???? she took exaclty 10 500mg at a time, equal to 5g of paraceta... Read More
0 1.22.17 Reply
I'm 17 and I think I'm pregnant.
I'm 17 and a senior in high school. I'm a really good student, I have a 3.7 GPA and I've never been in any amount of trouble besides general attitude prob... Read More
0 11.15.16 Reply
9 years remaining
I'm 21 and I never had a girlfriend. When I was 16, I was a socially awkward, insecure, shy, nervous piece of shit who couldn't talk to girls without feel... Read More
0 10.18.16 Reply
I'm terribly afraid of dying alone
I've never been a ladies' man, I was never a guy that had many girlfriend nor an attractive one. Up until middle school, girls always preferred to be arou... Read More
0 10.2.16 Reply
My parents are conservative.
Yesterday when my parents and i were talking abut my future, we were having an argument. They tried to impose their choices of university and career on me... Read More
1 10.2.16 Reply
self harming
I'd appricate it if u could help me stop self harming I first did it when I got kicked out of a cinema for talking and ever since its got ting much wor... Read More
0 8.26.16 Reply
I almost got in trouble because my sister says I ate all the noodles and I'm pissed
My dad came from work with some leftover food and asked if we ate lunch. I said I hadn't yet because I had a late breakfast and my sister ate lunch. He th... Read More
0 8.5.16 Reply
is there a chance
this is going to be a long post about my relationship with a possibly HPD girl. I have some questions for advice, but before that I want to describe the s... Read More
0 7.20.16 Reply
I have trouble focusing a lot - even as a child, and I can be really unmotivated. I've been taking Adderall more consistently lately, but I've been taking... Read More
1 7.12.16 Reply
I've found myself struggling with obsessive compulsive tendencies for years now, with excessive amounts of hand sanitizer and organization to a t. I've ne... Read More
1 7.2.16 Reply
Last night my husband and I had a disagreement and a misunderstanding, and we were both being sarcastic and callous. I had a strong dissociative reaction ... Read More
2 6.28.16 Reply
Advice please - too much to handle
I'm feeling a long introduction coming on - consider yourself warned I'm here because of a new relationship that ended. However as I am trying to under... Read More
2 6.25.16 Reply
stay or leave ?
I'm 20 yo, I'm a univisersity student, still live with my mother, who's a kind of control freak. She IS a control freak, not just a kind of. - Daemon ... Read More
1 6.15.16 Reply
Weird Relationship.
Hi, i would like to get your advice on what i should in my relationship. It is a very weird relationship. First of all, the guy is my reflection that is... Read More
1 6.14.16 Reply
Long storey short.... Had a female friend decided to leave her past behind and move on in life after she finished school and took a new career. She had ... Read More
1 6.12.16 Reply
What is it with the
I don't know if i'd say i have PTSD, but i definitely experienced something that changed me in my core. i've experienced loneliness and isolation for two ... Read More
1 6.11.16 Reply
I began working at my first job, in a grocery store, a little less than a year ago. Up until then, I was pretty content with my life. I didn't really do m... Read More
1 6.10.16 Reply
I have to come out to my parents.
My problem is, I like girls. Why is that a problem? Because I'm a girl. I'm fine with that, and I'm out to my friends (but not my parents). The problem en... Read More
1 6.10.16 Reply
I don't like my stepdad-to-be.
My mom's getting married and she didn't even ask me how I felt about it! I don't like the man she getting married to and I feel very uncomfortable around ... Read More
1 6.9.16 Reply
My mom is so negative!
I feel like "Enough", who wrote to you about her mother, and I have the same mother. She constantly is yelling and complaining about me and my... Read More
1 6.6.16 Reply
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